Semester Promotion Portal for P. D. Women's College

Final Chance of Admission has been Provided from 02/11/2020 to 08/11/2020
Notice for Online Promotion to Third and Fifth Semester 2020

It is hereby notified to the students of B.A. / B.Sc. second and fourth Semester (under CBCS) who have duly completed the semester that they may take promotion to third / fifth semester through online facility available at by paying requisite semester fees online.

Dates for payment of fees: 14.08.2020 (11 AM) to 01.09.2020 (11:59 PM), 24.09.2020 (12 AM) to 30.09.2020 (11:59 PM)


In view of the postponement/ cancellation of second and fourth semester university examinations due to COVID-19 situation, all present students of second and fourth semester will be assumed to have appeared for the examination with no roll number available and will be treated eligible to be promoted to third and fifth semester respectively. In addition to that, any student who had appeared in second semester examination of 2019, but did not get admitted in third semester, will be eligible for admission to third semester.

  1. Students need to visit promotion portal and search her record by providing NBU registration number.
  2. If the student is eligible for promotion, her information will be displayed. She will be asked to provide her mobile phone number and pay requisite semester fee online.
  3. After payment of fee, semester promotion certificate will be displayed, which need to be printed, signed and submitted to the college office when college is open. Student part of the certificate will be returned to the student with college seal, which will be preserved by her.
  4. Searching the registration no. of a student who has already been promoted for her last semester examination, will result in display of her semester promotion certificate.
Fee Structure:

To get promoted a student need to pay her semester fee in full. To provide some relief to students in the existing COVID-19 situation, three months tuition fee and annual charge of Rs.100 has been curtailed by the authority for the 3rd and 5th semesters 2020 only. Discounted fees to be paid in various courses is given below:

B. A. Geography Honours
B. A. Honours with Geography as GE
B. A. Honours Basic
B. A. Program with Geography
B. A. Program with Physical Education
B. A. Program Basic
B. Sc. Honours with Computer Science as GE
B. Sc. Honours in Computer Science
B. Sc. Honours Basic
B. Sc. Program Basic
Online Payment:

Please note that online transaction charge depending on the instrument of payment and amount will be added to the requisite fee by the payment gateway. It is recommended to use debit card below Rs.2000. Please do not make another payment if money has been debited in your bank account but semester promotion certificate could not be generated due to an error, instead, contact helpdesk quoting date, time, amount and reference no. of the transaction from your account statement along with registration no., name, date of birth of the student and mobile number of the student On getting confirmation from payment gateway regarding such payment we shall generate the promotion certificate.


For exceptional technical issues a student may seek help by sending details of problem to The details must include registration number.